What is Reset Mind & Body Float Therapy?


Reset Float Therapy is a locally owned business in San Diego, Ocean Beach California, founded by Derrick & Nikki. We choose to start our business in OB because, it is the perfect neighborhood to explore and rediscover yourself, post float.  It is amazing to be apart of such a unique community and to be able to spread mindfulness and alternative therapy through the use of our float tank. 


Our Journey

Since floating with Float Lab in 2013, we knew that we wanted Reset to be operated with Float Lab Technologies Float Tanks.  in 2015, we decided that Ocean Beach in San Diego would be the perfect spot to open our own Float Spa.  We wanted to create a business where locals could walk to their float session and casually stroll home or re-explore OB through a new set of senses.  There is always something exciting to see/hear/taste in OB.  We are just a couple who wants to share with the world the power of a float tank.  It changed our lives in so many ways and we want to share that experience with you. 

About Derrick & Nikki

Partners in business and partners in life. We meet in 2013 at a house party.  Derrick had just floated at Float Lab in Venice Beach earlier that day. I (Nikki) was immediately interested in discussing floating,  it was literally the first thing we ever talked about.  Our first date was at Float Lab, needless to say I was smitten.  Eight months later we quit our jobs, uprooted our lives and traveled around the world for 7 months. Why? Because, why not!  Eventually we settled in Ocean Beach, California in 2015 and opened Reset Float Therapy in September 2016.  

Reset Mind & Body Float Therapy Owners


Your Personal Private Float Shoppe

Information About Our Tank

Reset has purchased the most advanced and premium float tank available on the market today.  Float Lab tanks are the world's only NSF 50 & UL 1795 certified Isolation Floatation systems approved for commercial use. Before every user each Float Lab is sanitized by a patent pending disinfection filtration system certified to produce a minimum 3-Log kill (99.9%) or greater per cleaning cycle without the use of any chemicals. 

Reset Mind & Body Float Therapy NSF Certified Float Tank

Float Lab has been producing and providing the most hygienic, safest, and affordable sensory deprivation experience, since 1999. All locations that operate Float Lab technologies, are equipped with air disinfection filtration systems, catalytic carbon water purification, LED lighting, commercially certified Float Lab Technologies brand floatation chambers, and we use only high quality, non-toxic products for cleaning and showering.
If it doesn’t say Float Lab, it’s not Float Lab.


Owners / Operators

Derrick Shepard
Owner / CEO

Nikki Ruesch
Owner / CFO