5 Reasons to Experience Float Therapy in Ocean Beach, San Diego

What makes Reset Mind & Body Float Therapy so unique compared to other float spas?  1. We only operate one tank, however, handling one client at a time allows us to provide the best experience possible.  2. We are located in one of the coolest communities in San Diego; Ocean Beach (OB). OB is best described as a small town surrounded by a big city, one of the last true neighborhoods of San Diego.  Reminiscent of simpler times, OB will certainly charm you.  Float Therapy can be a really powerful journey, and the float itself is only half of the experience.  What you do after, can seriously enhance the effects of your float, typically referred to as the post float glow.  Here are 5 reasons to experience Float Therapy in Ocean Beach. 


Ocean Beach, Reset Float Therapy

1. The Beach

Who doesn't love the beach?!?  Reset Float Therapy is conveniently located off Newport Ave, only one block from the beach and longest pier on the west coast. Whether you take a stroll over the ocean, a walk along the beach, or just park it in the sand, either way your relaxation will be taken to whole other level. 


Post Float Glow Reset Float Therapy

2. Beer, Beer, Beer

OB has had a boom in tasting rooms, and on any given corner, there are some tasty brews to try.  There are over 8 tasting rooms to check out and most are located along Newport Ave.  If you enjoy a cold one, you’ll definitely find your new favorite spot here in OB. 

Check out our local Main Street Association for all info on our local breweries

Ocean Beach, San Diego Float Therapy

3. Burritos Galore

After isolating your senses for 90 minutes, your senses become enhanced.  So smells are stronger, sounds are louder and yes, your tastes are tastier.  There are countless tasty restaurants and some of the best burritos you’ll ever have.  One of my favorite things to do after floating is grabbing a big ol’ burrito from Mike’s Taco and eating it down at the beach.

Located on Abbot St. between Newport and Santa Monica

Located on Abbot St. between Newport and Santa Monica

4. Art

After your float, sometimes you just want to walk and rediscover your body and senses.  OB is the perfect walkable community with amazing murals and street art located all over the community.  After a float you can get wrapped up in looking at a new painting or discovering a piece of art that you never really noticed before.  After a float, I tend to notice a lot of things that I have overlooked and never taken the time to appreciate. 


5. The People

OB is certainly an eccentric town, and is the perfect spot for some interesting people watching.  After a float, sometimes all you want to do is process your experience, and watch the world go by.  There is plenty of activity down at the sea wall at the end of Newport. A perfect spot for people watching while simultaneously enjoying the sounds of the ocean. 

OB is perfect neighborhood to experience float therapy.  Nothing but good vibes and good times.  If you have any questions regarding float therapy or recommendations on things to do post float, we are happy to help.