7 Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your Float Therapy Session

Float therapy can be an extremely peaceful, relaxing experience. As your mind and body are submerged into total darkness, you are thrown into a world free from worry and distractions. Doesn’t that sound perfect?

Float therapy gives you the chance to escape reality, focus your energy, and reduce stress. So, how do you ensure that you’re getting the best float experience? How do you maximize the benefits of a float therapy?  Here are seven tips for getting the most out of your float therapy session. 

7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Float Therapy Session

1. Avoid Caffeine, Nicotine & Other Stimulants. Caffeine, nicotine, and other stimulants, such as sugar, can actually hinder your float therapy session. These stimulants often cause the mind to go into overdrive, thus decreasing the effectiveness of your float session.

2. Avoid Shaving the Day of.  Try to avoid shaving the night before your float, as well as the day of your float. Ever get salt in a wound? It is an extremely painful experience. If you have any cuts or nicks, no matter how small, be sure to cover them with a waterproof Band-Aid or Vaseline that is provided in the float room.

3. Empty Your Bladder. Always use the bathroom before beginning a float session. You don’t want your moment of serenity to be interrupted by the urge to use the restroom. 

4. Ask Questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. For first time floaters, the idea of float is really foreign and you can have a lot of questions and concerns.  We are here to make your experience great.  If you have a question, just ask!

5. Don’t Touch Your Eyes. The water used in our float chamber is extremely salty. Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes. You can’t relax with burning, tingling eyes.  There is high possibility that you may get some salt in your eyes, but don't worry we provide one for you inside the float chamber.

6. Focus on Your Breathing. When your mind is hyper drive, and you cant seem to relax, focusing on your breathing allows your mind to focus on something else. As with any form of meditation, breathing is extremely important. Focusing on your breathing during your float session will help to maximize relaxation and the stress reducing benefits. 

7. Don’t Worry About Time. Worrying about the time is one of the easiest ways to ruin a float session. The goal of float therapy is relaxation. How can you possibly be relaxed if you’re constantly worried about the time? You will receive a notification at the conclusion of your float. We ask that you respond with a knock or verbal reply, so that we know without a doubt, that you know that your time is up. Also be sure to schedule your float session during a day when you’re not busy and free to relax.