Infrared Sauna Benefits

Infrared Sauna Benefits

September 12, 20222 min read

Infrared Sauna Benefits

A sauna a day keeps the toxins away…

Well kind of, as it doesn’t provide a shield of defense from them, but it does help you remove toxins from your body via your sweat glands.

Saunas have been around for thousands of years, (shouts out to the Finnish people for bringing the concept to life.)

Fun fact, the Fin’s originally built them as a form of a bath that would also cleanse the body!

Since the early days, sauna’s have been a fan favorite. With the innovation of modern technology, the sauna has made many strides. Including the addition of new variations of sauna’s/steam rooms. Today we will be specifically covering the “infrared sauna” as this is the type of sauna we offer in our muscle recovery facility.

The infrared sauna uses light to generate heat which heats up your body, unlike the typical “dry sauna” that heats up the air, which results in you sweating. With the infrared sauna, you’ll notice similar reactions as you would with a moderate workout. Including increased heart rate, moderate to severe sweat, etc…

In the sense of muscle recovery and overall wellbeing, we use the saunas in our facility to boost our immune systems, rejuvenate the skin and relieve joint pain. Now you may be wondering, “how the heck does that work”, which is totally okay. That is why we have taken the duty to create this blog and educate you.

Now I get some of you may not be “reading types”, which is why I’ll include a VIDEO HERE going over the benefits of the infrared sauna and why it works. This video is by far one of the BEST out there when it comes down to the science behind the sauna. With that being said, re-scripting the entire video in textual format will not do it justice and we simply recommend that you take the time to watch the video :)


-Team Reset

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