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The Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

May 28, 20192 min read

Cold Water Therapy has been making waves in the health & wellness community over the last few years. You’ve probably seen the cold water challenges, ice bucket challenges, and polar plunges sometime in your life. Although those pieces of content have shown you that going into cold water won’t “hurt “ you, the benefits of being in cold water are often left out.

Thanks to pioneers like Wim Hof, the benefits of Cold Water Immersion have become popularized. Between Wim, and the power of social media we are beginning to see tons of content being created elaborating on the benefits of Cold Thermogenesis.

Since the Cold Plunge is one of the fan favorites here at Reset Mind & Body, we thought we’d remind our members why we plunge in the first place!

  1. Decreased Muscle Soreness

  2. Increased Immunity

  3. Brain Health

  4. Removal of Excess Lactic Acid

  5. Improved Sleep Quality

Now, of course, this all sounds AMAZING, but you may be wondering, “Why do these benefits occur"?”

When you immerse yourself in water between 34-46 degrees Fahrenheit your body kicks into “work mode” to maintain homeostasis and keep the core “warm”. Your nerve cells will also begin to “numb” hence why it can be “painful” when getting into the tub. When these nerve cells “become numb'“ it sets off receptors below the surface of the skin which initiates vasoconstriction. This is when the body’s arteries and blood vessels narrow, which results in a reduction of the flow of blood to damaged areas of the body. After this occurs, a decrease of inflammation in those “sore areas” follows suit.

Now obviously this “nugget” of information is hyper-focused on how you are able to achieve decreased muscle soreness/removal of excess lactic acids in the muscles. If you really want to go “hard” there are a myriad of fantastic videos and blogs all over the internet that you can use to enhance your understanding of why we offer the Cold Plunge at our location in Phoenix, Arizona.

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